CO2 Reduction Projects
with certification

Learn how to contribute to CO2 reduction and sustainability through your projects

Introduction to CO2 Reduction Projects

More than 30% of the western economy is tied up in projects. In other words, we can make a big difference by incorporating CO2 reduction into our projects.

Accordingly, we have further developed our project approaches on sustainability, emissions reduction, and agile project management into our hands-on course on CO2 Reduction Projects with certification.

You will learn how to operationally execute sustainability projects with a dedicated focus on emissions reduction, in respect to both Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and compensation, and on how to adapt the method from project to project. The approach is designed for both teams that are geographically distributed and/or work at the same location.


Optimér jeres CSRD-rapportering – projekt for projekt - IDA Play

Sammen med ingeniørforeningen IDA har vi lavet denne webinar-video, hvor vi gennemgår, hvordan en bæredygtig projekttilgang kan forvandle virksomheders evne til at skabe og rapportere bæredygtighedsbidrag i henhold til CSRD.

Deltagerne fra ingeniørforeningen IDA har evalueret webinaret til 9,5 ud af 10

About the course

You will learn how to operationally execute sustainability projects with a dedicated focus on emissions reduction, in respect to both Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and compensation, and on how to adapt the method from project to project. The approach is designed for both teams that are geographically distributed and/or work at the same location.


At the course we work with:

  • Why CO2-reduction in projects is relevant.
  • The key drivers for CO2 emissions.
  • Key trends in environmental change.
  • The SDG Ambition and sign-based targets, 1.5°C.
  • Green technology and energy technology readiness.
  • Greenhouse gas reduction, scopes 1 – 3.
  • Greenhouse gas compensation.
  • The key CO2-related legislation.
  • The information available at the UN among others.
  • How to facilitate value creation regarding CO2 Reduction Projects.
  • The future of the energy sector.
  • Structuring, framing, and organising the project.
  • Compiling user needs.
  • Facilitating specification workshops.
  • Two-tier planning – both for the whole building phase, and for the coming sprint/iteration.
  • Facilitating the building phase in the form of sprints/iterations.
  • How and where to report the CO2-reduction.

Benefits for the course participant

After completing the course each participant will be able to:

  • The course is very operational and therefore easy to implement.
  • Contribute to CO2 reduction and sustainability through your projects.
  • Deliver CO2 Reduction Projects on time – or ahead of schedule.
  • Understand how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced through business activity in the value chain.
    Identify opportunities to drive greenhouse gas reductions through products and services and innovate low-carbon offerings.
  • Understand how to extract carbon from the atmosphere through natural greenhouse gas removals and technologies to compensate for business emissions (excluding offsets).
  • Understand how to calculate scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and the metrics behind it.
  • Understand how to increase greenhouse gas removal and net carbon impact and the metrics behind it.
  • Understand green technology within the energy sector.
  • Frame and structure CO2 Reduction Projects.
  • Create structured data that can be used quickly and efficiently to adjust the project scope.
  • Conduct projects online.
    Work in a way that makes job satisfaction and energy level come together month after month.
  • Ensure transparency in the project.
  • Facilitate good collaboration across organisations, divisions, and cultures.
  • Ensure that the project is under control.
  • Report the CO2 reduction.

Benefits for the company

  • Reduce CO2 emissions in your projects.
  • Comply with the applicable CO2 regulations and legislation.
  • Make visible the value of CO2 reduction and compensation from your projects.
  • Transparency in how your company wishes to contribute to CO2 reduction and compensation.
  • Attracting and retaining employees for whom CO2 reduction and compensation and sustainability are important.
  • Opportunity to reuse specifications from one project to another similar project. Here we have seen a reduction in time of up to 80% of the specification work.
  • New employees become skilled, faster, at creating project deliverables.
  • Quicker project completion due to less do-over work.
    Early value creation.
  • If you have a stage-gate project model, implementing this agile project model is manageable.
  • The CO2 reduction elements can be coupled with other project approaches.

Sustainable Projects Community

After the course you will become member of the Sustainable Projects Community, where you will have the opportunity to participate in our Sustainable network arrangements, workshops in Denmark, access to training videos and will be invited to the most influential sustainability and web 3.0 conferences, e.g., World Economic Forum, COP, FN General Assembly, SXSW, Cannes Lions and Consensus. Here you can get the opportunity to speak and network. In this manner, the community will strengthen your sustainability network locally and globally in the World as we know it today and in web 3.0.

Target group

The course is aimed at project managers, sustainability employees, team leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, project participants, PMO-members, mid-level managers, and others, who wish to learn how to reduce the CO2-emissions in your projects. No qualifications are needed to participate in the course.


The course prepares you for the certification Sustainable Agile. The certification is included in the price.

Teaching method

The course is conducted by using blended learning. Before the course starts, we encourage the participants to watch educational videos. They relate to the agile part of the project approach and take you from start to finish in the project. The video preparation enables us to spend the course hours more effectively, and focus on practical case exercises, relating to actual daily work, and finally on reflection. This teaching method increases learning significantly compared to traditional courses.

All classes can be done online, so it is up to you whether you wish to participate in person or online. We use top-of-the-line conference equipment to ensure our online participants an optimal experience. Texts are in English, and the speaking is in Danish. Please notify us in case you would like to do the course in English.

Free e-learning

Before the course, all participants receive free access to a total of 6 – 7 hours of educational videos, and when the course is finished, the participants keep this free access to the same videos for 30 days.

Price and duration

With this course you get:

  • The certification Sustainable Agile.
  • Access to video material complete with exercises before the course and for 30 days after course end.
  • A three-day course, where you can participate in person and/or online.
  • IT platforms and central documents, which enable you to carry out your projects after the course.
  • Presentation material, exercises, etc. to the course.
  • Input from an international speaker with his/her take on sustainability in his/her part of the World.
  • One year’s membership to our Sustainable Projects Community.

Price pr. participant: DKK 12.490 ex VAT.


Lasse Boeries Sørensen - underviser i Agil Projektledelse

Lasse Borris Sørensen

Lasse Borris Sørensen is a Sustainability Project Coach & CEO at Plan A ApS. Lasse runs the environment around Sustainable Agile Projects as well as the Danish division for Green Project Management®. Lasse has spent more than 20,000 hours working on agile projects. Lasse has taught 3,000 people and certified 600+ in sustainable / agile project management.


Ann Rosenberg

Ann Rosenberg is a co-founder of the UN’s SDG Ambition and has 25 years of experience within sustainability in the business world. Ann is an Executive Sustainability Tech Advisor web 2.0 og 3.0 (Blockchain, metaverse, DAO og NFT), Board Member, writer, and TEDx speaker. Ann is dedicated to spreading the UN’s SDGs.

Additionally, one or two external speakers will contribute with their take on sustainability in their part of the world.

Copenhagen & Online. The exact address available in sufficient time before the course

Fill out or form here
or call +45 21 43 43 22.

Company course


Do you have several employees, who need our 3-day course in CO2 Reduction Projects?
Then company courses may be just your thing.

Company courses give your company the opportunity to:
✓ Educate more employees simultaneously with a focus on operational tools that enable you to increase the agile content already the day after the course.
✓ Create a common language for the employees and the company as a whole.
✓ Get a tailored course adapted to your specific needs.
✓ Get an internationally recognised agile certification administered by Agile Business Consortium (ABC) in England. ABC has worked with agile project management since 1994.
✓ Get training in Danish or English.

Does that sound like something for your business?
Call +45 21 43 43 22 or fill out or form here

Small print

If for some reason you are not able to participate in the course, you are more than welcome to give your spot to a colleague. Simply let us know by sending an email to

If you cancel your registration four weeks or less before the course starts, 50% of the fee plus VAT will be charged. If you cancel your registration two weeks or less before the course starts, the full fee plus VAT will be charged.

Cancellation must be done in writing by sending an email to If we do not receive your written cancellation at, the full fee plus VAT will be charged.

We reserve the right to turn away rival companies and persons at our courses and other events.

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