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A sustainable project method

Do you believe that you can increase project work efficiency and create better bottom line results if the staff are happy and given the opportunity to reach their full potential?

And do you think project work becomes more effective – not least in the long run – if it makes your employees feel motivated?

Learn how to successfully use our Happy Projects® methodology in just a single day.

Get the tools yourself or let us tailor them for your needs

Our Happy Projects® tools are based on experience from internationally recognised project management disciplines coupled with lessons from the field of positive psychology. You learn about the toolbox and how to use it through our courses or in our capacity as project/test managers on one of your projects. You may also be a project/test manager who would like a mentor – which is another service we offer.

Regardless of whether you are looking for courses, consultant support or a mentor, we base our approach on the way you already work. There’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater; if there is something that already works well, there is no need to replace it with something new. Instead, we help by fine-tuning processes in the areas that need it.

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Are you not able to choose who is going to be included in a project? If so, it’s even more important that you find a way to unleash the participants’ full potential.

Happy Projects is a project methodology aimed at achieving better results in less time, month after month. The methodology combines the most empowering tools from agile project management with the structure from PRINCE2® and adds a structured approach to job satisfaction and well-being, based on the latest research in the field of positive psychology.

Achieve better results in less time, month after month

By knowing each employee’s strengths when assigning tasks and responsibilities, you avoid situations where one or more of the project staff burn out or lack motivation because they have been assigned a role they are not suited for.

Instead, you end up with a motivated and dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about their work. In other words, you end up consistently achieving better results and in less time than you did before.

Happy employees with Happy Projects

In order to retain employees, ensure results and enhance the working environment in projects, Plan A Projects focuses on positive psychology in project management. The key components of a healthy work environment are staff who know what they are doing, have a say in what they are doing and job satisfaction, all of which are something you can expect out of a Happy Projects® course.

Learn how to successfully use this methodology in just a single day.


  • Simple and effective ways to strengthen relationships within the team
  • Creating flow and optimal working conditions
  • Strengths-based task & role assignment
  • Product breakdown structure
  • Stand-up meetings upgraded with positive psychology
  • Communication based on personality types
  • Working retrospectively – look back and learn!


  • Simple and effective tools to achieve results through well-being
  • New ways to facilitate greater involvement of your project participants
  • Knowledge about how to achieve results through others
  • Ability to promote job satisfaction and well-being for you and your team
  • An understanding of and influence on your own work
  • Consistent achievement of better results in less time


Project managers, managers, test managers, project participants and others who want to become better at unleashing their own potential and that of their team.

The course does not require any prior knowledge of PRINCE2® and agile project management.


Lasse Borris Sørensen is the course trainer. Lasse has delivered results in project management since 1992. His years of experience in this field come from his time working with and for a large variety of Danish and international companies, both in Denmark and abroad. Lasse’s approach is based on agile project management and PRINCE2® combined with a structured focus on positive psychology. It is this background that he draws upon in his capacity as an agile mentor, executive project manager and Scrum Master. Lasse became a certified DSDM Practitioner and Scrum Master in 2008. He has since updated his DSDM education with the certifications Agile Project Management Practitioner (DSDM) and Agile PM™ in December 2013, both of which were taught in English. As for projects, Lasse has most recently been an agile coach and team leader on what is to the best of our knowledge Denmark’s first major agile SAP project, which was hugely successful.


1 day


DKK 5.500,- + VAT


9.00 – 17.00

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