Peter Willkan fra Carlsberg Group

“My team of 23 seasoned and very experienced senior project managers and myself, has just spent a whole day discussing how to achieve even more in our project execution. We used Lasse Sørensen from Plan A Projects as trainer and facilitator on the topic of how to create “Happy Projects”.

It has been a very positive experience having Lasse guiding us through a different view on how to approach agile projects.

Lasse has the rare combination of having a high academic knowledge on the topic paired with practical experience from many projects and a gift to communicate it all in easily understandable terms. He has readily shared his tools and templates with us, shown a way how to bring simplicity into a complex area and how to use low cost, low complex tools and materials to bring transparency and order to chaos.

Great experience that I can highly recommend.”

Peter Willkan, Director, Project Management for Carlsberg Group