Enthusiasm became the framework for a pilot project at Frie Funktionærer

“I often made sure to visit the room where the pilot project was being implemented to see for myself how the work was progressing. There were many times I wanted to stay and join in, because over a surprisingly short time, the project had led to a strong team spirit where all the participants were bringing their respective competences to the table. Lasse Sørensen from Plan A Projects really radiates a personal conviction in the utility of the agile methodology, and it’s clear that the interplay between the methodology and his enthusiasm sets the framework for the project team being able to deliver results in the long run without getting worn out.

In fact, what we saw instead was strong relationships forming between our staff. After our close collaboration with Lasse, it’s clear to us that both the agile methodology and Lasse himself aims to create excellent results on time. It surpassed all of our expectations as the pilot project was completed a week earlier than planned – and with a better result than we normally would have been able to deliver.”

Ulrik Karlsen, Frie Funktionærer