Agile Project Management with certification

Become an Agile Project Manager with certification and create significant results

Create value and sustainable development within your company

With the agile project method, the project is delivered on time, the company saves time and money and the method creates projects that others want to be part of.

In other words, a course in Agile Project Management helps you to create significant results for the benefit of both employees, management and the net income.

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Usable for projects from
50 to 100,000+ project hours


The projects are delivered
25% faster on average


The projects will be 20 to 35% cheaper to run

"Theory meets practice - Agile Project Management in reality
The course 'Agile Project Management with certification' from Plan A is one of the best courses I have attended. The strength of the course lies in the perfect mix of theory and practical application. Lasse Borris Sørensen's effective communication of even complex concepts, supplemented with hands-on exercises, made the material vivid and easy to remember.

The course materials, especially the instructional videos, were an excellent resource, both before and after the course. Hands-on exercises reinforced the theory and produced valuable insights that expanded my understanding and application of agile principles at work. Lasse's clear and well-structured presentation ensured effective learning.

I highly recommend this course. It will not only improve your skills in agile project management, but also equip you with the necessary tools and attitude to lead projects effectively and energizingly through others."

Amalie Langberg Schmidt, Digital Business Developer, Transport industry

"The course in Agile Project Management not only provided a solid theoretical background, but also managed to make Agile PM highly operational and easily adaptable.

One of the best aspects of the course was Lasse's ability to actively involve the different course participants, despite a large variation in our theoretical background. Through concrete examples, he supported the theory in a way that made the subject alive and easy to understand. Dialogue was promoted and there was ample opportunity for constructive discussion. This made the entire learning experience engaging and meaningful.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in agile project management. It has been an enriching experience that will undoubtedly strengthen my skills as a project manager."

Pernille Skov Mühlbach, Digital Marketing Manager, Lederne

“Considering that only 2 out of 75 employees had ever worked with the Agile method before, it was quite the task to convince the remaining 73 of the relevance, as well as keeping them engaged. It’s one thing to show up and recount some theories, but Lasse has also been incredibly skilled at showing us how theory can be made real. I know that, at the end of the project, not one employee was unable to see the benefits of this method.”

Winnie Thorgaard - Project manager IBM

“I hereby give my most heartfelt recommendations for the course on Agile Project Management by Lasse Borris Sørensen. The course took us on an in depth journey through the Agile project method, and also gave us a number of tools for facilitating, processing and structuring Agile projects.

Lasse was an amazing facilitator and managed to include all participants no matter their experience level or background. We had the opportunity to personally experience potential pitfalls in the process through cases and exercises. This made us much better prepared to facilitate a project cycle.

Personally it has given me a far better starting point for running Agile projects, engaging stakeholders and project participants, as well as structuring projects to create better results – On time.”

Simon Kristiansen - Digital Project Manager Novicell

“Everyone just had a really good day. Even those most sceptical, who would normally rather continue with their j work, said that it was one of the best days they had ever had.

The most powerful experience was when we worked in groups. Here, we gained a communal understanding across departments. During the day we dealt with the subjects most relevant to us. We determined which were most important before we parted ways. We have continued working on these subsequently.

It was a surprise to us that it was so enriching, to be able to focus on the subject by taking a day in town, and by Lasse’s skilful facilitation and input. It meant that we were able to improve both departments by joint effort. It also meant that we were able to see issues that we would never spot otherwise.”

Steffen Andersen - Head of IT at DGI

“I very much enjoyed seeing the fundamental Agile principles presented by a new instructor. Someone I don’t see every day. Because this enriches the input. Lasse had a lot of great examples, which were very useful to me, and it was a breath of fresh air.”

Anne Dorthe - Teacher of project management and Scrum at the Business Academy of Århus

“It’s a really good course, which provides you with the inspiration to approach project management in a new way. It also provides you with new and relevant tools.”

Sanne - Senior Project Manager, Vejdirektoratet

“An enriching course with operational relevance, which provides new skills. Once people are abreast of the Agile method, they realize how useful it is.”

Morten Seitzberg

“The DSDM course at Plan A Projects renewed my interest in the Agile approach. It also gave me very concrete methods, which I believe can be used to improve the way projects are run in my company. The course itself was a delight, due to Lasse’s great energy and excellent communication skills.”

Morten Lindequist Køhler - Project Director KMD

“At the Agile Project Leadership course by Plan A Projects, you will be taught by an energetic Agile coach who is knowledgeable about his material and delivers his message clearly. There is no danger that you will feel sluggish after lunch or burned out on the third day, as it’s full speed ahead and the subject is extremely relevant.”

Kaare Trudsø - Growth consultant at Væksthuset Hovedstaden

“Lasse is a very talented teacher and well up on his material. I could feel how his broad practical experience constantly challenged the theory, which compliments the Agile approach very well.

It was nice to have space to engage in dialogue and follow up questions along the way, as this often helps to put the theory into practical terms for the various fields we each represented.

I will, while delivering projects on time of course, personally make sure that the Agile project management is used to better relationships and increase work satisfaction for all parties concerned in the projects. Internally and externally.”

André Haunsø Kampmann - Head of Marketing

“Lasse has taught PFA’s most experienced project managers several times. He is a strong and enthusiastic teacher. He engages his audience quickly. You can feel that he is knowledgeable about his subject. He is an expert on the theory, but he can also use his practical experience to show how the theory can be practically applied.

Lasse is receptive to his audience and can ‘deviate from the curriculum’ with no difficulty. Lasse is an excellent motivator and will cheerfully challenge you. All in all, a competent, capable, and kind teacher, who is pleasant company.”

Dorthe Thøgersen - Leader of Projektledernes Kompetencecenter PFA & Lone Mariboe – Head of IT Project management PFA

”Dagen gav os en række konkrete tiltag, der er lette for os at implementere i vores dagligdag. Både fordi vi har fået en fælles retning og en fælles forståelse af, hvad der er vigtigst for os samt fordi alle om bordet nu er enige om, hvad tingene reelt indeholder.
Helt konkret kan vi bruge fasemodellen, ligesom vi er begyndt at arbejde med Definition of Done. Da vi først kom til at tale om den, var det åbenlyst, at vi skal bruge den.”

Kommunikations- og digital marketingchef, Maria Nielsen

”Den agile metode var ikke indlært i organisationen, så vi havde behov for én til at coache os. Jeg havde oplevet Lasse fortælle om den agile metode på et gå-hjem-møde og havde en helt klar idé om, at han var den rigtige person at spørge. Både fordi han havde en masse at byde ind med rent metodemæssigt, og fordi jeg havde på fornemmelsen, han var til at stole på og kunne fungere som min forlængede arm ud i organisationen.”

Sune Slemming

”Lasse er virkelig dygtig – en rigtig metodenørd, og dét skal forstås positivt. Han sørgede for, vi kom godt fra start, og at vi både fik skabt overblik og en fælles opfattelse af, hvad vi skulle levere. Derudover kommer han altid med et fantastisk godt humør. På den måde får han folk med på vognen, selvom de somme tider har lyst til at springe over, hvor gærdet er lavest. Så han har helt sikkert haft en afsmittende effekt, der har været gavnlig for projektet.”

Søren Bech Hansen

“Jeg sørgede for ofte at komme i lokalet, hvor pilotprojektet blev udført for at opleve, hvordan arbejdet skred frem. Flere gange havde jeg lyst til at blive dér og være med, for det var på overraskende kort tid lykkedes at skabe en stærk teamspirit, hvor deltagerne bød ind med hver deres kompetencer.

Lasse udstråler, at han virkelig tror på den agile metode, og det er tydeligt, at samspillet mellem metoden og hans entusiasme sætter rammerne for, at projektmedlemmerne kan levere resultater på den lange bane uden at blive slidt ned. Vores oplevelse var tværtimod, at der blev skabt stærke relationer mellem vores medarbejdere. Efter vores tætte samarbejde med Lasse, er det tydeligt for os, at både den agile metode og Lasse sigter efter at skabe flotte resultater til tiden.”

Ulrik Karlsen, Frie Funktionære

You get that with an Agile Project Management course

The course prepares you for the Agile Practices certification –
Team Leader Focus from the Agile Business Consortium that is
world leader in agile project management.

This certification is included in the price and can be taken online,
when it suits you. We prepare the certification by
undergo a test set at the end of the course.

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Concrete tools that are easy to implement

Effective both online and on-

Scalable and efficient for all types of projects

About the course

Do you have a dynamic working day where you need to deliver projects on time? With the course Agile Project Management, you will learn how to create value for your clients – faster and cheaper – with a thriving team, and continue to deliver on time. The Agile On Time method is designed for teams that share the same location and that are geographically distributed.

During the course, we focus on how to facilitate and conduct agile projects from beginning to end, and how to adapt the method from one project to another.

The method has a strong focus on practicalities and is based on:

  • The globally leading approach within agile project management – Agile PM® from Agile Business Consortium.
  • Positive psychology that puts a focus on well-being.

Agile On Time can be used:

  • In both simple and very complicated and/or complex projects.
  • When you are together physically or are geographically distributed.
  • With only a few and up to more than 100 project participants.
  • Across industries.
  • Within the same organisation or with several business partners.

At the course we work with:

  • Agile fundamentals and applications.
  • Which agile frameworks are designed to do what, and how they can coexist.
  • Structuring, framing, and organising the project.
  • Compiling user needs.
  • Facilitating specification workshops.
  • Facilitating two-level planning – both for the entire building phase and for the coming sprint/iteration.
  • Facilitating the building phase in the form of sprints/iterations and likewise shifts. Relating models and theory to your practice.

 Benefits for the course participant
After completing the course each participant will be able to:

  • Deliver projects on time – or ahead of time.
  • Frame and structure
  • Create structured data that can be used quickly and efficiently to adjust the project deliverable in collaboration with the steering group, the client, the supplier, and others influencing the project’s value creation.
  • Create better results – and faster.
  • Work in a way that makes job satisfaction and energy level come together month after month.
  • Ensure learning during the entirety of the project.
  • Create transparency in the project.
  • Facilitate good collaboration across organisations, divisions, and cultures.
  • Conduct projects online.

Benefits for the company

  • Opportunity to reuse specifications from one project to another similar project. We have seen a reduction in time of up to 80% of the specification work.
  • New employees become adept at implementing project deliverables.
  • Quicker project completion by less re-work.
  • Value creation early on in the building phase. This provides the company with the flexibility to redeploy employees if priorities change.
  • Implementing this agile project model becomes manageable if the company already has a stage-gate project model.
  • A joint project approach to be used in large parts of the company.
  • When you choose this project approach in the collaboration with your suppliers, the company’s employees tend to be more familiar with the project approach than the changing suppliers. This increases job satisfaction and ensures the necessary insight into the project’s course.

Target group
The course is aimed at project managers, team leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, project participants, PMO members, mid-level managers, and others, who wish to learn how to carry through projects on time.

No qualifications are needed to participate in the course.

The course prepares you for the certification Agile Practices – Team Leader Focus from Agile Business Consortium – a world leader in agile project management. The certification is included in the price and can be done online at your leisure. We prepare for the certification by going over a test exam at the end of the course.

Teaching method
The course is conducted by using blended learning. Before the course starts, we ask the participants to watch around three hours of educational videos. The videos take you from start to finish in the project. The video preparation enables us to spend the course hours focusing on practical case exercises, relating to actual daily work, and finally reflection. This teaching method increases learning significantly compared to the traditional course learning.

All teaching is aimed at being feasible online. This has two advantages:

  1. You learn how to conduct projects online during the course.
  2. You can choose whether you wish to participate in the course in person or online. We use top-of-the-line conference equipment to ensure our online participants an optimal experience.

Free e-learning
Before the course, all participants receive free access to a total of 6-7 hours of educational videos complete with exercises, and when the course is finished, the participants keep this free access to the same videos for 30 days.

Check out a sample of the videos here.

Price and duration
With the certification course Agile Project Management, you get:

  • Access to video material complete with exercises before the course and for 30 days after course completion.
  • A three-day course, where you can participate in person or online.
  • Carefully chosen IT platforms and central documents, which enable you to carry out your projects online and/or together already the day after the course.
  • Presentation material, exercises, etc. related to the course.
  • The certification Agile Practices – Team Leader Focus (Foundation Level) complete with preparational material.

The price is DKK 16.500 excluding VAT.


Lasse Boeries Sørensen - underviser i Agil Projektledelse

Lasse Borris Sørensen

Lasse Borris Sørensen is Sustainability Agile Coach & CEO at Plan A ApS. Lasse has spent more than 20,000 hours working on agile projects. Lasse has taught 3,000 people and certified 800+ in (sustainable) agile project management. He runs the environment around Sustainable Agile Projects as well as the Danish division for Green Project Management®. Lasse teaches / has taught for Plan A, Mannaz, the Danish Technological Institute, DTU, Danish IT, Finansforbundet, Lederne and on numerous company courses.


Company course


Do you have more employees who have used for a one-day course within Introduction to Sustainability?
Then company courses might be just the thing for you. We tailor company courses to your needs.

Company courses give your company the opportunity to:
✓ Educate more employees simultaneously with a focus on operational tools that enable you to increase the agile content already the day after the course.
✓ Create a common language for the employees and the company as a whole.
✓ Get a tailored course adapted to your specific needs.
✓ Get an internationally recognised agile certification administered by Agile Business Consortium (ABC) in England. ABC has worked with agile project management since 1994.
✓ Get training in Danish or English.

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Small print

If for some reason you are not able to participate in the course, you are more than welcome to give your spot to a colleague. Simply let us know by sending an email to

If you cancel your registration four weeks or less before the course starts, 50% of the fee plus VAT will be charged. If you cancel your registration two weeks or less before the course starts, the full fee plus VAT will be charged.

Cancellation must be done in writing by sending an email to If we do not receive your written cancellation at, the full fee plus VAT will be charged.

We reserve the right to turn away rival companies and persons at our courses and other events.

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